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Updated at 21 Nov 2021
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I am developing a Unicode version of ASCII pTeX (a Japanese-localized TeX). I named it `upTeX', `upLaTeX'.
The character encoding for input and output is UTF-8. The upTeX treats codepoints of CJK characters as Hanzi,Kanji,Hanja/Kana/CJK symbol/Hangul (漢字,汉字,한자/仮名/CJK記号/한글).
It can treat original LaTeX with \inputenc{utf8} and Babel (Latin/Cyrillic/Greek etc.) by switching \kcatcode. Moreover, it can also treat Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Japanese, and Korean simultaneously.

This package has been developed on Tsuchimura-san's ptetex3, UTF-8対応(3), UTF-8対応(4), UTF-8対応(5) and now is based on TeX Live svn. I thank Tsuchimura-san and TeX Live maintainers.



uptex-1.27-20201031a.tar.xz: Archive [md5sum], Document (in Japanese), ChangeLog (2020.10.31)
convbkmk Ver.0.30 @ GitHub (2018.11.25)
CMap UTF8-UTF16 (Ver.1.007) [md5sum] (2020.02.28)
japanese-otf-uptex v0.26 @ GitHub (2020.11.08)
upmendex Ver.1.00 @ GitHub (2021.11.20)
The upTeX is included in TeX Live 2012 or later thanks to many contributors.
The upTeX for Windows is included in W32TeX (dead link) thanks to Kakuto-san.

GitHub repositories



(1) upLaTeX input, dvipdfmx output(pdf) (upLaTeX, Japanese, vertical writing)
(2) upTeX input, dvipdfmx output(pdf) (plain upTeX, Chinese)
(3) upLaTeX input, dvipdfmx output(pdf) (upLaTeX, Chinese, vertical writing)
(4a) upLaTeX input, dvipdfmx output(pdf) (upLaTeX+hyperref, misc test)
(4b) upLaTeX input, dvipdfmx output(pdf) (upLaTeX+hyperref, over BMP, set3)
(5a) upLaTeX input, dvipdfmx output(pdf) (upLaTeX, babel+CJK)
(5b) upLaTeX input, dvipdfmx output(pdf) (upLaTeX, babel(greek)+Japanese)
(6a) upTeX input, dvipdfmx output(pdf) (upTeX, Adobe-Japan1-6)
(6b) upTeX input, dvipdfmx output(pdf) (upTeX, Adobe-GB1-5)
(6c) upTeX input, dvipdfmx output(pdf) (upTeX, Adobe-CNS1-5)
(6d) upTeX input, dvipdfmx output(pdf) (upTeX, Adobe-Korea1-2)
(6e) upLaTeX input dvipdfmx output(pdf) (upLaTeX+otf package, Adobe-Japan1-5)
(6f) upLaTeX input dvipdfmx output(pdf) (upLaTeX+otf package, Adobe-GB1-5)
(6g) upLaTeX input dvipdfmx output(pdf) (upLaTeX+otf package, Adobe-CNS1-5)
(6h) upLaTeX input dvipdfmx output(pdf) (upLaTeX+otf package, Adobe-Korea1-2)
(7) jmpost input, dvipdfmx output(pdf) (jmpost+upLaTeX)
(8a) upLaTeX input, dvipdfmx output(pdf) (upLaTeX+utf package)
(8b) upLaTeX input, dvipdfmx output(pdf) (upLaTeX+otf package)
# CJK fonts are not embeded in the pdf files. It requires pdf viewer that can treat Adobe-Japan1-6, Adobe-GB1-5, Adobe-CNS1-5, and Adobe-Korea1-2.


Stable version. No warranty.

Change Log

2007/03/08 Ver.0.02 First published version.
2007/03/18 Ver.0.03 Automatic install script; jmpost now works.
2007/03/25 Ver.0.04 Syncronize to ptexenc.
2007/04/08 Ver.0.05 Improve newline in log, aux; simple support of jsclasses.
2007/04/15 Ver.0.06 Add \enablecjktoken, \disablecjktoken.
2007/05/13 Ver.0.07 Change internal token from charcode to kcatcode+charcode.
2007/05/28 Ver.0.08 Simple support of the utf/otf package; auto installation of cm-super; improve \char, \chardef.
2007/06/16 Ver.0.09 Auto installation of cbfonts, unicode package.
2007/07/28 Ver.0.10 Improve \char, \chardef; add \kchar, \kchardef; improve jbibtex.
2007/08/07 Ver.0.11 Bug fix on jcharwidowpenalty; slim up vf.
2007/08/25 Ver.0.12 Bug fix on multibyte length; fix JIS to Unicode conversion; improve newline after Hangul.
2007/09/15 Ver.0.13 Replace standard font from umin10.tfm to ujis.tfm; add {uj,ut}{book,report}.cls.
2007/09/25 Ver.0.14 Add an english readme file.
2007/10/18 Ver.0.15 Update upLaTeX based on the newest pLaTeX. \CIDC, \UTFT etc. in the otf package now works.
2007/11/10 Ver.0.16 Replace standard fonts to new square shaped fonts. Add Chinese/Korean Sans Serif fonts.
2007/11/17 Ver.0.17 Revise standard fonts.
2007/12/08 Ver.0.18 Revise standard fonts to support halfwidth katakana.
2007/12/26 Ver.0.19 Improve treatment of halfwidth katakana. Add \forcecjktoken
2008/01/12 Ver.0.20 Add prefix "up" to some command names with patches: upjbibtex, upjmpost etc.
2008/03/13 Ver.0.21 Bug fix on \uppercase, \lowercase. Save memories on xdvi, dvips, dvipdfmx.
2008/08/03 Ver.0.22 Revise fonts to aviod probrem with DVIOUT.
2008/09/04 Ver.0.23 Add updvi2tty: dvi2tty with uptex support.
2008/10/17 Ver.0.24 Add base fonts for otf package with upLaTeX.
2008/12/13 Ver.0.25 Update base fonts for otf package with upLaTeX.
2009/02/21 Ver.0.26 Auto installation of e-pTeX, e-upTeX. Include jsclasses with upLaTeX patch.
2009/03/12 Ver.0.27 Auto installation of e-pTeX, e-upTeX with FAM256-patch.
2009/08/23 Ver.0.28 Add convbkmk.rb: a new ruby script making bookmark with dvips.
2010/01/31 Ver.0.29 Update Unicode blocks.
2010/04/10 Ver.0.30 Support CJK Ideograph Extension C in Chinese traditional fonts.
2011/05/02 [convbkmk.rb] Ver.0.01 Fix bug on BOM.
2011/05/07 [uptex-texmf-20110507a.tar.xz] Package texmf tree.
2011/11/20 [dvi2tty_uptex20111120.patch.xz] Release a patch for dvi2tty-5.3.4 in TeXLive svn to support upTeX.
2011/12/17 [omegaware_uptex20111217.patch.xz] Release a patch for ovp2ovf, ovf2ovp (WEB version) in TeXLive svn to support upTeX.
2012/01/02 [otfbeta-uptex-0.07.tar.xz] Release upLaTeX extension of otfbeta v1.7b3.
2012/01/15 upTeX Ver.1.00: TeXLive svn base. Support CJK Ideograph Extension C,D in Japanese fonts.
2012/01/22 [otfbeta-uptex-0.08.tar.xz] Fix bug of upLaTeX extension of otfbeta v1.7b3. Improve halfwidth katakana.
2012/02/18 [otfbeta-uptex-0.09.tar.xz] upLaTeX extension of otfbeta v1.7b4. Add characters on supplementary planes into base vf fonts and macros \UTF{}, \UTFT{}, \UTFC{}, and \UTFM{}.
2012/04/21 [otfbeta-uptex-0.10.tar.xz] upLaTeX extension of otfbeta v1.7b5. Support burasage option on upLaTeX.
2012/04/29 upTeX Ver.1.10: Support Unicode 6.1.0.
2012/05/08 [convbkmk.rb] Ver.0.02 Fix bug for a case of dvips with -z option and Ruby1.8. Add conversion of /Creator and /Producer.
2012/05/12 [convbkmk.rb] Ver.0.03 Suppress halfwidth -> fullwidth katakana conversion and MIME decoding in Ruby1.8.
2012/05/19 [CMap UTF8-UTF16] Ver.1.000 New. Support supplementary plane in bookmark with dvipdfmx.
2012/06/01 [convbkmk.rb] Ver.0.04 Support escape sequences i.e. \ddd, \0xUUUU.
2012/07/09 [otfbeta-uptex-0.11.tar.xz] upLaTeX extension of otfbeta v1.7b5. Support characters on supplementary planes when \UTF{} etc. are used with hyperref package.
2012/07/26 [convbkmk.rb] Ver.0.05 Support conversion of *.out files generated by dvipdfmx.
2012/08/07 [convbkmk.rb] Ver.0.06 Fix bug that Ver.0.05 does not work with Ruby1.9.
2012/09/17 [convbkmk.rb] Ver.0.07 Fix bug that an infinite loop sometimes occurs with -g option.
2012/09/21 upTeX Ver.1.11: Support T1,TS1,OT2,T2A,T2B,T2C,X2 encodings in dvi2tty-5.4.0.
2013/05/11 [convbkmk.rb] Ver.0.08 New -O option for overwrite output files onto input files.
2013/06/02 [otfbeta-uptex-0.12.tar.xz] upLaTeX extension of otfbeta v1.7b5. Support Gothic/ExtraBold, jis2004 option.
2013/11/23 [otfbeta-uptex-0.13.tar.xz] upLaTeX extension of otfbeta v1.7b6. Support scale option.
2014/03/02 [convbkmk.rb] Ver.0.09 Fix bug that conversion was not complete in some cases.
2014/03/08 [convbkmk.rb] Ver.0.10 Fix bug that output of binary data might be broken in filter mode on Windows.
2014/03/22 [otfbeta-uptex-0.14.tar.xz] upLaTeX extension of otfbeta v1.7b6. Support proportional kana.
2014/03/28 [otfbeta-uptex-0.15.tar.xz] upLaTeX extension of otfbeta v1.7b6. Apply again update of otf.sty in v1.7b5.
2014/05/10 [mendexk-utf8-patch-20140510a.tar.xz] New patch for mendexk: switching internal buffer in EUC or UTF-8.
2014/07/27 [otfbeta-uptex-0.16.tar.xz] upLaTeX extension of otfbeta v1.7b6. Fix bug on extrabold.
2014/10/03 [CMap UTF8-UTF16] Ver.1.001 Support new block in Unicode-7.0.0.
2014/12/29 upTeX Ver.1.20: Support Unicode 7.0.0.
2014/12/29 [convbkmk.rb] Ver.0.10a Update the author's adress and web site.
2015/01/24 [upmendex] upmendex Ver.0.01 Unicode version of mendex. New.
2015/04/10 [otfbeta-uptex-0.17.tar.xz] upLaTeX extension of otfbeta v1.7b6. Fix bug on ruby.
2015/05/17 [upmendex] Ver.0.02 Support Korean (Hangul).
2015/08/08 [upmendex] Ver.0.03 Support diacritical marks (Latin, Greek, Cyrillic).
2015/08/23 [upmendex] Ver.0.04 Support digraphs and trigraphs (Latin scripts).
2015/09/27 [upmendex] Ver.0.05 Support Chinese/Japanese/Korean Hanzi/Kanzi/Hanja ideographs (Han scripts).
2015/10/10 [upmendex] Ver.0.06 Support Turkish dotted/dotless I/i.
2016/01/31 [upmendex] Ver.0.50 Beta version. Add style options (icu_rules, icu_attributes).
2016/02/13 [CMap UTF8-UTF16] Ver.1.002 Support new block in Unicode-8.0.0.
2016/02/20 upTeX Ver.1.21: Support Unicode 8.0.0. Support CJK Ideograph Extension E in Chinese Traditional fonts.
2016/06/19 [upmendex] Ver.0.51 Fix bug on style option (hanzi_head).
2016/12/28 [CMap UTF8-UTF16] Ver.1.003 Support new block in Unicode-9.0.0.
2017/01/15 upTeX Ver.1.22: Support Unicode 9.0.0. Fix bug of upbibtex on "substring$".
2017/03/04 [otfbeta-uptex-0.18.tar.xz] upLaTeX extension of otfbeta v1.7b6. Extend proportional kana.
2017/07/21 [CMap UTF8-UTF16] Ver.1.004 Support new block in Unicode-10.0.0.
2018/02/11 [otfbeta-uptex-0.19.tar.xz] upLaTeX extension of otfbeta v1.7b7. Support Unicode 10.0.0. Support CJK Ideograph Extension F in Japanese & Chinese Traditional fonts.
2018/02/24 upTeX Ver.1.23: Support Unicode 10.0.0. Set kcatcode of latin letters not_cjk by default.
2018/04/07 [otfbeta-uptex-0.20.tar.xz] upLaTeX extension of otfbeta v1.7b7. Add some parentheses e.g. guillemets.
2018/05/13 [otfbeta-uptex-0.21.tar.xz] upLaTeX extension of otfbeta v1.7b7. Add double exclamation marks etc.
2018/11/11 [convbkmk] Ver.0.20 Do not support Ruby1.8 anymore. Create a repository in GitHub.
2018/11/25 [convbkmk] Ver.0.30 Add -d option to support conversion of graphic file names in dvi special by pLaTeX.
2018/12/08 [japanese-otf-uptex v0.22] Bug fix on U+3090..3093. Create a repository in GitHub.
2019/02/09 [CMap UTF8-UTF16] Ver.1.006 Support new block in Unicode-12.0.0.
2019/02/23 upTeX Ver.1.24: Support Unicode 12.0.0. Set kcatcode of two latin blocks not_cjk by default.
2019/03/17 [upmendex] Ver.0.52 Add English manual. Create a repository in GitHub.
2019/04/01 [japanese-otf-uptex v0.23] Add "Koto", "Yori" in proportional kana support.
2019/05/12 upTeX Ver.1.25: Fix bug of kcatcode at Fullwidth ASCII variants and Halfwidth Katakana variants
2019/09/07 [japanese-otf-uptex v0.24] Make U+00B7 of some fonts halfwidth.
2020/02/22 [upmendex] Ver.0.54 Support Small Kana Extension in Unicode 12.0.
2020/02/22 upTeX Ver.1.26: Support Unicode 13.0.0.
2020/02/28 [CMap UTF8-UTF16] Ver.1.007 Support new block in Unicode-13.0.0.
2020/02/28 [japanese-otf-uptex v0.25] Refer to Adobe-Japan1-7 (07/30/2019).
2020/10/31 upTeX Ver.1.27: Update upbibtex on "is.kanji.str$".
2020/11/08 [japanese-otf-uptex v0.26] Extended Unicode base multi-weight fonts in \UTF{}, \UTFC{}, \UTFT{}, \UTFK{}. Shrunk file size of some virtual fonts.
2021/03/21 [upmendex] Ver.0.55 Fix a bug about "page_precedence" in style.
2021/05/19 [upmendex] Ver.0.56 Fix a bug about "setpage_prefix", "setpage_suffix" in style.
2021/06/06 [upmendex] Ver.0.57 Accept multiple number of style files. Add a keyword "kana_head" in style. Add "Circled Katakana" to Kana.
2021/08/08 [upmendex] Ver.0.58 Experimentally suppot Devanagari and Thai scripts. Add an option "numeric_ordering" to ICU attributes. Add a keyword "hangul_head" in style.
2021/09/04 [upmendex] Ver.0.59 Accept combination of "icu_local" and "icu_rules", Support "symbol_flag=2" in style.
2021/10/24 [upmendex] Ver.0.60 Enhance procedure of character classification.
2021/11/21 [upmendex] Ver.1.00 Experimentally suppot Arabic and Hebrew scripts. Add keywords "script_preamble", "script_postamble" in style.

Obsolete versions

Here are obsolete versions.


JIS-Unicode conversion table for pTeX/upTeX (2013/02/24)
"upTeX—Unicode version of pTeX with CJK extensions" TUGboat 34:3 2013

Links (out of my site)

Thank the site administrators
TeX Live TeX Live home, TeX Live and Subversion TeXLive subversion repository.
ptetex3 Tuchimura-san.
電脳世界の奥底にて ZR san. It consists of some packages and documents i.e. upLaTeXを使おう, [改訂新版] upLaTeXを使おう
e-pTeXについてのwiki Kitagawa san. e-TeX extension of pTeX and upTeX.
upTeX on Debian Khoda san.
JIS X 0212 Characters for pTeX Ogawa san. Mac version.

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